You are valuable asset for us and we always try to server you better. We always try to invest in you and your business to serve your required service therefor we do not offer refund for the discounted and/or regular packages except either we have denied to offer subscribed service or delay of more than 7 days excluding service delivery deadline. Such refunds can be claimed within 7 days of subscription (except delayed requests but such claims of delay in service can be claimed after 7 days of eligibility) in writing Refund request shall be replied within 24-48 hours.

In case you wish to refund after domain booking, your refund request shall be processed after deduction the amount head of Domain and domain handling for the duration of process. Refund request may take 3-7 days.  After completion of website no refund request will be considered. Here website completion means hosting of your website on your domain and make the necessary changes with sample store management tasks

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