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Make your business future‑proof

Meet the most versatile retail POS for unifying in-store and online sales.


Most Advance Platform in Retail


Storecook user manages their sales through storecook’s POS platform.


Businesses that use the Storecook platform to combine their in-store and online sales have seen a 25% increase in income year over year


Storecook Platform makes everything possible

All-in-one Platform

Storecook platform opens up a wide range of possibilities, with one platform you get to manage your sales, orders, customer.

Advance Built-in tools

Managing your performance with an all-in-one storecook builder makes it more useful and easy.

Highest Performance

Storecook builder makes it easy for everyone to analyze and track their order history and many other factors.

Managing Team

Storecook platform helps you to manage your teams as well as assign roles accordingly.



Make every sale count from online to checkout line

Browse and Buy

By providing different options to choose from, you earn more.

Discount Coupons

Another feature in the storecook platform is to generate discount coupons.

Manage Quality

With one click you get to know about all the details in your Storecook Platform.


Advancement in Checkout

Manageable Pin codes

Storecook Platform offers you to set up your own pin code where you want to deliver your products.


Responsive Layout

With storecook built-in features, your online visitors don’t feel left out when they use their mobile phone to make an order.

Convert one-time clients into long-term supporters.

Returns and exchanges are hassle-free.

Storecook platform makes it easy to manage your purchase and returns with no hassle.


Customer data is fully protected

Storecook Platform helps you to manage your customer data and are fully protected.


Customize Anytime

Storecook Platform helps you to customize your store anytime, anywhere. Just with one click & you are ready to shine.


Other Tools for Growth

Storecook provides you a free integration of waistra analytics to manage your website traffic.


New way turns into endless possibilities

Your organization is unlike any other. We’re confident you’ll find the ideal app for your specific business needs, whether you’re attempting to evaluate foot traffic, simplify bookkeeping, or come up with novel methods to reward customers.

Resources for your business

Learn how retail firms like yours have used storecook POS to level up by exploring up-and-coming retail trends, how-tos, and tutorials.

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