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At storecook you will be able to sell your products globally branded as your own store at low cost.
Set up for success with strategic planning frameworks for growth optimization with enabling selling supported by Storecook either build yourself or with Storecook expert.


Storecook Project was initiated with the objective of providing an Ecommerce platform for small businesses and affordable information technology so that an internet based identity of your enterprise can be provided. The main motivation of the project started by us is not to create a website but to provide you a platform where you can enable IT based services on your own with the help of our experts and in the future you can reduce the cost of IT in your enterprise / business.

Join our Storecook project to make your business online and make it grow faster along with developing IT related skills so that IT cost can be reduced further for your online business.

Deepak Sharma Shiva Technotonics

Deepak Sharma

Chief Operating Officer
Dinesh Sharma Shiva Technotonics Waistra

Dinesh Sharma

Technical Head
Ravi Soni Storecook

Ravi Soni

Storecook Lead- Business
Storecook Vikas Meena

Vikas Meena

Storecook Lead- Development
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