Three Waistra Ecosystem Services you Should Be Using for Ecommerce

Ecommerce platforms are easiest way to attract potential customer to you products with low investment compare to offline strategy. This article describe the three important Waistra Ecosystem services you must use for your ecommerce store or if you are looking for ecommerce website development service to start selling online. It would be a great option if you access these three Waistra ecosystem services to start business online or building ecommerce website.

  1. Storecook Ecommerce Platform: Storecook Ecommerce Platform provides reduced cost ecommerce solutions for small businesses under the Waistra Ecosystem initiatives. At storecook you can run your ecommerce store by creating online store with your brand identity and can sell online globally. You get the freedom to choose the ecommerce package depending upon your requirement of ecommerce store expansion even based on geo location also. If you are just beginner in the ecommerce market then starting with Storecook Basic would be a great option to start business online. After increasing the visitors or expansion of ecommerce plans you can switch among ecommerce package.
  2. Waistra Analytics: Waistra Analytics is data analytics platform provided by Waistra. It is nonprofit non commercial data analytic project sponsored by Waistra to provide an easy, effective and privacy protected web analytics tool for the better analysis of website data. With integrating Waistra Analytics to your ecommerce store you will get the full overview about how your visitors are responding to your products after coming on your ecommerce store. Waistra gives free access of this Waistra Analytics tool in order to create open and privacy protected environment for internet accessibility. After integrating Waistra analytics account with ecommerce platform you will be able monitor and analyze the processes data of ecommerce platform.
  3. SEO Wider: The SEO wider tool of Waistra Ecosystem analyzes your ecommerce platform with search engine point of view. It checks your engagement of your ecommerce store with search engines how it is interacting with search engine and what is your position on search engine. You can make strategy to improve your ranking on search engine by implementing analyzed factors associate with search engine ranking. You can subscribe to SEO wider free and can start analyzing your ecommerce website.

So if you have plans with Ecommerce store then you must try Storecook Ecommerce Platform, Waistra Analytics and SEO wider for your ecommerce store. Making plans with analysis of data will make your ecommerce store more reachable to people.

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The Seven Rules of Successful Ecommerce Store

What are the key points of successful ecommerce store? Most ecommerce sites that struggle to convert visitors into customers because of several issues in ecommerce website. If the site is selling something that people need, at a price they’re willing to pay, then the factors associates with the fact that how you are selling online using your Ecommerce Store. Have you implemented ecommerce thumb rules in your ecommerce store? Here Storecook, An ecommerce Platform gives brief about seven thumb rules of successful ecommerce store.

For running a successful ecommerce store it is not necessary that you have invested huge money in ecommerce store. The whole thing depends on how you invested in your ecommerce store.

1. Better resources planning: Before starting an ecommerce platform it is necessary to consider that what you have and what you want with ecommerce businesses. This will keep you on track to monitor your resources utilization in the case of ecommerce businesses and you will always find the right path using ecommerce analysis.

2. Choose right platform or service provider: With large market size there are different players in market but the thing is which you need and which choose for your ecommerce store. For good results you can make large investment but you need to choose the right platform for ecommerce store. Because you right decision of choosing platform will be deciding factor for attracting users on ecommerce store. For example less investment in Storecook has large effect than the huge investment in other platform.

3. Choose right products for sell: Your ecommerce planning must be followed by proper research in ecommerce market. Launching your product on ecommerce platform is easy but attracting customers for that product is a quiet different task.  You may consult with storecook expert while facing any difficulty with product launching using storecook ecommerce platform. Our storecook expert always helps with selling online

4. Audience. You can decide this. This shows your marketing strategy how you want to choose the right person to sell right products or how you target customer. For example, if you are selling cosmetic products and you are targeting the age group of 45-60 than it will not be right decision respect to choosing the age group of 20-35 for better results. Storecook makes such analysis to find the better audience on request if you are facing such difficulty in choosing right audience. You can also track your audience engagement using Waistra Analytics. It gives perfect pictures how your users are navigating to your ecommerce store.

5. Customer care. You can decide it. It creates chance of reorder on ecommerce platform if treat your customers in right way and serve better virtually on ecommerce platform. You can use some additional tools to engage with customer but you need to take care for them. In ecommerce business a happy customer gives more customers through user feedback as online feedback has high reach compare to other feedback methods. So serve wisely.

6. How search engine taking it seriously? Yeah this is well known fact that how search engine takes your website seriously will reflect in terms of increasing visitors. Good ecommerce platform like Storecook consider this fact as priority as this will increase user engagement on your ecommerce store and you will be able to sell more people online using ecommerce platform.

7. Focus on user experience. All main important sections of ecommerce store are clearly visible on the main page and all the pages are interlinked. The ecommerce store should have proper sitemap. Storecook ecommerce platform consider these facts on the entire ecommerce store for better user experience. At ecommerce store user experience pushes to visitors to order. Therefore Storecook gives attention to user experience.

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Brief Storecook Extended Package

The number of packages of Storecook Ecommerce Platform depends upon the suitability of the Ecommerce Plan of the Businesses. The authorized Storecook expert always address your concerns  to find the right and suitable storecook package so that your ecommerce requirement can be addressed in right way.

Storecook Extended Package is suitable for those who have their milestone plan of transition to mass engagement along with extensive sales. It is extension of Storecook Advance Package in which you get more additional services.  Storecook always provides all related resources of training and Ecommerce development in due course of Ecommerce website development.

  • All Advance Package
  • 8 Business Emails
  • Multivendor compatibility
  • Google analytics integration
  • ShipRocket Integration
  • Email/Ticket(Tech) / Phone Support (General)
  • Free Beekavach Membership

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Overview Storecook Advance Package

Storecook Advance Ecommerce Package is suitable for those who want to sell online along with the some extensive sales plans and marketing strategy. It is extension of Storecook Basic Package in which you get additional services and resources along with Storecook Basic PackageStorecook provides all related resources of training and Ecommerce development in due course of Ecommerce website development so that you can learn and understand your own Ecommerce store management techniques along with resource of Storecook.
All features of Storecook Basic Package
Caged Setup
5 Business Emails
Multi Language
Basic SEO*
Powerful Caching
Advance Analytics
Email/Ticket(Tech) / Phone Support (General)

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Know Storecook Basic Package

Storecook basic is starter package of Storecook Ecommerce series. It gives all essential features and services of ecommerce store so that you can start selling online with your own store. It gives you flexibility to ramp up your ecommerce sell further around all packages of storecook. Take a look into brief services or features of storecook ecommerce platform here.

  • Unlimited Orders
  • Free Domain
  • 2 Registered Email
  • Free SSL/CDN
  • Store Setup Assistance
  • Email/Ticket Support and others

This Storecook ecommerce Package is largely suitable for small businesses or vendor who wish to sell their products online in confined area or with limited products. It provide an opportunity to begin with ecommerce store with low investment in Ecommerce Store to sell online. Therefor it is good to start business online with storecook basic package if you are available to short number of delivery areas. Here you will get your own ecommerce store and will be able to manage all operations of ecommerce store at your own end.

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